Review of Hamilton Beach Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 70740 Food Processor

This Hamilton Beach Food Processor has been described as a life changer, there’s a degree of truth in that statement. The 450 watt motor means that it slices any vegetable in no time at all, which will save you a lot of time and trouble.

Simple to use food processor

The 70740 is simple to use, it has two speeds and a pulse control which is an absolute joy to use. If you’ve never owned a food processor before or if you’ve done so much chopping by hand and have come close to cutting yourself, then I highly recommend that you purchase the Hamilton Beach 70740. Is there any dish that you have considered trying but you felt that you don’t have the skills? If so and it’s something like salads, sauces or dips then for this price range, you need to consider this.

For the $30 range of food processors, the Hamilton Beach 70740 is a must have.

It comes with the standard dishwasher safe blades, lids and bowl. It’s easy to assemble and clean.

The Power of love

It really is very powerful, chops potatoes in seconds and makes short work of a bowl of hazelnuts. However you need to be careful with that power, if you need tomatoes for a salsa, pulse mode on slow speed is what is needed as you definitely do not want them pureed. Should you need puree, then this food processor is the best in class.

Some of my favorite foods to make include nut butter, pesto, purees, soups and salsa. Recently I’ve tried out hummus and falafel, I’m no expert yet but this Hamilton Beach Food Processor is helping be get to a level that I am happy with.