Kenwood FPP225 review

Kenwood FPP225 Food Processor

It does it all

The Kenwood FPP 225 food processor review has to mention its sleek design with an enhanced in-bowl drive system, multifaceted attachments with Dual-Drive system.
But I think that the multitude of attachments with this food processor including a emulsifying disc, stainless steel knife blade and stainless steel reversible coarse slice/grate disc really steel the show.

  • Helps you prepare vegetable salads, soups, sauces, dips and purees
  • 750 W motor with two speeds and pulse allow flexible user control and power
  • The in bowl drive system is easy to use and increases capacity
  • Fully interlocked bowl and liquidizer for safe operation

Ideal for cheese grating and chopping vegetables. The suckers on the bottom are great for sticking to the worktop. The addition of a liquidizer is an added bonus.

The techie part

I think that the in-bowl drive system on the Kenwood FPP 225 makes life so much simpler when preparing food. It has a 750W motor that will make short work of any fruit or vegetable, includes also a 1.2 litre blender and 2.1 litre bowl.
Excellent value for money. Highly recommend this equipment given its fantastic features.
You will feel like a professional chef after preparing your favorite meals in super quick time.
Everyday use is recommended as it is so robust and as mentioned takes up very little real estate on your kitchen counter.

The mmm part

Here are some of then foods that this Kenwood FPP 225 has made with ease:

  • cakes
  • biscuits
  • pastry
  • minced/ground meat
  • batter
  • scones
  • marinades

Thoroughly recommended and great at the price.